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After input of design data is completed, the program provides tables for entering of average properties of media. As per the design calculation existing agitator gb is designed for max. The electronic pdf version of this document, available free of charge. For our case, the density is entered, and the media is. Finite element analysis fea used to calculate critical speed and shaft deflection. Anonymous 17 october at hello sir, i am chemical engineering student i agitator shaft design calculation filetype doing my final year calculatioon on extraction of oil from slurry in oil refineries.

Instead, most of this final design effort is done by office of bridges and structures obs based in part on the information, recommendations. The objective of this project is to design a safe shaft given certain dimensions of gears and bearings as well as forces acting on the shaft through the gears and the effect of fillets and keys. Mdesign shaft allows you to design, calculate and optimize shafts in accordance with the current norms and standards. Can be found in the shaftdesignhydrofoilsteadybearing. Due a double click the 2d shaft editor of the shaft calculation appears. Shaft design introduction standard diameters of shafts torsion. Agitator shaft is a critical component used in reactor pressure vessel.

Units ksi 10 3 psi rev 2 rpm rev min 1 given transmitted power p 2 hp shaft speed 1725 rpm shaft dimensions. Scale of agitation 1 is quite mild, 3 is normal, 6 is vigorous and 10 is violent. Tutorial centrifugal pump systems by jacques chaurette p. Relationship between the involute elements determination of base tooth thickness from a known thickness and viceversa. The first shaft is the bearing axis while the second shaft is the axis of the quartet upper bearing impellers group and the triple lower group which are called as agitating group. In little steps will be illustrated how to design a 3dmodell of a singlestage spur gear unit. Winner of the standing ovation award for best powerpoint templates from presentations magazine. Review on design of agitator to optimize its performance.

Calculations will be based on the maximum static load. The shear stress varies from zero in the axis to a maximum at the outside surface of the shaft. Ive attached a picture of how the gearsshaftbearings are arranged. In design it is usually possible to locate the critical areas, size these to meet the strength requirements, and then size the rest of the shaft to meet the requirements of the shaftsupported elements. Machine elements such as gears, pulleys sheaves, flywheels, clutches, and sprockets are mounted on the shaft and are used to transmit power from the driving device motor or engine through a machine. Paykani 3 this paper presents a design method and a vibration analysis of a carbonepoxy composite drive shaft. Agitator design and selection standard engineers vineet. The local viscosity can then be used to determine the reynolds number, re, from which the impellers power number, po can be derived. The fundamental approach is straightforward, design for power torque and speed, then shaft loads, and finally mixer dynamics. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.

Determine torque in shafts from gears, pulleys, sprockets, clutches, and couplings. Mechanical agitator power requirements for liquid batches. Therefore apart from the strength calculations, rigidity of a number of parts is. The mixing arena is the boxing ring where chemist and chemical engineer fight in the work done. Piping systems are subjected to corrosion, erosion, toxic condition and radioactivity, all of which calls for proper piping design enabling trouble free operation of the plant over a long period of time. Deeper zone of influence for end bearing shaft group fhwa nhi10016 after tomlinson, 1994. In this course we will calculate a minimum shaft diameter without considering stress concentration points. Design of shaft length of agitator posted in industrial professionals. Theyll give your presentations a professional, memorable appearance the kind of sophisticated look that todays audiences expect.

The first shaft is the bearing axis while the second shaft is the axis of the quartet upper bearing impellers group and the triple lower group which are called as agitating. Calculation of shafts according to din 743 mdesign shaft. Find bending moments from gears, pulleys, or sprockets that are transmitting loads to or from other devices. Using the impeller shear rate, the local viscosity can be calculated from equation 6 or 8. It would just be the tangential forcethe radius of the gear. Our core business was and is the technical design and production.

Characteristic of application requiring minimum fluid velocities to produce a flat but moving fluid batch surface. Shaft design includes the determination of shaft diameter having the strength and rigidity to transmit motor or engine power under various operating conditions. Agitator shaft length should be calculated on which basis. Asme shaft design allowable stress and diameter equations. This report summarizes design methods, based on strength considerations, for sizing shafts and axles to withstand. When a shaft is subjected to a torque or twisting, a shearing stress is produced in the shaft. Design specification of the motor is then determined by. Conservative mechanical design criteria for strong shafts severe duty design operating below 65% of first critical speed. This is an automatic calculation from shaft horsepower and rpm at prop on torque sheet. Taking the dimensions, forces and other determining factors. To show the importance of dynamic load effects, calculations for shaft design are carried out considering the manufacturing and adjustment defects of the gears. Cylindrical spur gears with standard profile cylindrical spur gears with corrected profile without centre distance variation with centre distance variation.

The second step in the design sequence is the mechanical design of the mixer components. Design and implementation of differential agitators to. I am asking this because on low level alarm 20 % of tank, agitator is not getting immersed in liquid resulting in frequent damage to bearing due to vibration so we have changed alarm value to 50% instead of 20%. Shafts are usually round and may be solid or hollow. Design of shaft a shaft is a rotating member usually of circular crosssection solid or hollow, which transmits power and rotational motion. The design of the composite drive shaft is divided into two main sections. Student 2professor 1,2department of mechanical engineering 1,2msss cet, jalna abstractmixing is very important operation in any process industry. Pdf design and performance evaluation of vertical shafts. Introduction shaft design city, university of london.

Customer questionhow are industrial agitators and blender designs evaluated and agitator shaft design calculation filetype can i be sure that my process goals will. Modeling and optimization of a vertical shaft impactor for. Review on design of agitator 1akash j patil, 2sachin b rajude 3mayur s thok, 4ajit r pawar be student. Redesign and structural analysis of agitator shaft for. Bending moment causes the shaft to bend away from the central rotational axis and is critical to determine the shaft material, diameter and bearing design. Design for shaft diameter tooth loads w1 w2 lbs pitch diameters dp1 dp2 reactions in angle q degrees xy plane. Design and optimization of automobile propeller shaft with. Agitator design and agitator systems about us we have figured it out stelzer ruhrtechnik is one of the leading companies in agitation technology and a soughtafter solutions partner for projectspecific process technology solutions. Dnvglcg0038 calculation of shafts in marine applications. Hdb is determined from testing the material according to astm d 283785 to develop a stress regression curve of the material over time.

Calculating a shaft size uses basic mechanical design equations for a beam. The design stress is based on the hydrostatic design basis hdb of the material. We have prepared the following example to guide you through the calculation module. In both cases a twostage ekato viscoprop agitator system with an impeller diameter d 2 1100mm serves as basis for the calculations. Mixer agitator mixtank calculators white mountain process. First, the design of the composite shaft and second, the design of its coupling. Review on design of agitator to optimize its performance rahul h. Mech 3520 l6 shaft example example i example 91 shaft. Worlds best powerpoint templates crystalgraphics offers more powerpoint templates than anyone else in the world, with over 4 million to choose from. To design calculations at different viscosities illustrate the typical effect of viscosity on the required agitator power. Design of shaft and bearing system in eccentric and. I have no clue what to do with the radial loads or if i need to calculate any other.

The viscosity of newtonian media is independent of the agitator shaft speed or shear rate. Bending moment is the hydraulic force fh acting on a shaft at a length away from the bearings perpendicular to the axis of rotation. Compare combined stresses to suitable allowable stresses. Food for thought you wanted to stir things up but, your mixing gave only agitation. As stated above, the soils design section does not perform the actual drilled shaft design i. Vessel baffling is required for optimum performance. Design and performance evaluation of vertical shafts. How to calculate shaft diameter of an input shaft in a.

This research is to design and implement a new kind of agitators called differential agitator. Shaft design objectives compute forces acting on shafts from gears, pulleys, and sprockets. At first a design scheme lay out is drawn in which the shape of the part being. My question is how do i calculate the shaft diameters using the moment formula i know that i can calculate torque for each gear.

Modeling and optimization of a vertical shaft impactor for production of artificial sand master of science thesis simon grunditz. Theory and application of thickener design a g waters abstract theory the sedimentation vessel has a constant crosssectionalarea the process is onedimensional and so there is no radial variation in concentration for any horizontallaycr iii the slurry can be treated as a continuum with a continuous liquid and solid phase interacting with each. Design of shaft new jersey institute of technology. They can be printed or saved in html, rtf or pdfformat. Formulas for gear calculation external gears contents.

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