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Jackson talks to jimmy about working with quentin tarantino, his upcoming film the hateful eight and how every year he gets a new generation yellin. If you are experiencing problems, please describe them. From a key role in the star wars saga to a longrunning working relationship with quentin tarantino, jackson has played a ton of memorable roles on the silver screen. The poem was written by adam mansbach, who also wrote. The result of this collaboration is stay the fk at.

Samuel leroy jackson born december 21, 1948 is an american actor and film producer. Jackson, the actor did bring kimmel something of a compensatory talk show gift. Jackson for an interview by satellite this week where jackson talked about quarantining at home with his wife and daughter, watching tiger king and cancelling his annual trip to italy with magic johnson. During a recent interview with esquire magazine, actor samuel l. What ive learned the 67yearold actor on his truelife inspiration for the drug addict in jungle fever, and how he finally made it in hollywood by john h. Still, as the pair continued their remote interview jackson sporting a bright purple tshirt emblazoned with a caricature ofwho else. Find all the books, read about the author, and more. Hes worked his way into the hearts of millions with his nononsense attitude, poetic vulgarity, diverse acting career, and purple lightsaber. Jackson recently issued during his jimmy kimmel live. Jackson when he tells you motherfckers to social distance. Jackson recently sat down for an interview with esquire magazine where he did not hold anything back when giving his thoughts on not just the current administration, but pretty much the. Jackson is doing his part to promote social distancing during the coronavirus outbreak.

According to an interview with seth meyers, samuel l. Jackson reads stay the f at home to stress the importance of social distancing samuel l. Jackson, who is as jimmy humbly notes the coolest guy anywhere. Whether he was a radio host in brooklyn, having gourmet coffee and hamburgers for breakfast, getting eaten by dinosaurs, looking for his super suit, or assembling a team of superheroes, everyone. Jackson has a message for covidiots who wont stay home. M night shyamalan talks unbreakable trilogy features bruce willis, samuel l jackson and james mcavoy unite for the final part of the comic book thriller trilogy. Jackson had the star wars prop team engrave the handle of mace windus lightsaber with a pretty cool inscription. Jackson photo gallery, biography, pics, pictures, interviews, news, forums and blogs at rotten tomatoes. It is simply impossible to skip jimmy kimmels homebound interview with samuel l. Watch technically im not a doctor, but motherfuckers listen when i read a poem. For years, apparently, the late night host has been trying to horn in on the legendary actors annual summer tri. Jackson didnt find out he was playing mace windu in the phantom menace until he was being fitted for the role.

Ever since his starmaking turn in pulp fiction, samuel l. After a brief interview, jackson read from a sequel to the childrens book go the fk to sleep one that fits. Jackson skype in as he sat in his screening room at his guest house. Described as a childrens book for adults, it reached no. Jackson is one of the most recognisable and hardworking actors in the world. Most notably perhaps, jackson also tapped into his skills as a vocal stylist and reprised his book. Gillan told the hollywood reporter during a recent interview. Jackson read the new poem stay the f at home for the coronavirus quarantines. Jackson read a poem called stay the f at home while quarantining and it was perfect. Heres the interview and book reading which starts at about 6. Jackson answers the internets most searched questions about himself. Jackson black americans of achievement library binding january 1, 2000. Jackson is an american producer and highly prolific actor, having. Lorraines cringey interview with samuel l jackson and.

Samuel l jackson on kicking drugs before his first role. During his conversation with the chat show host, he shared a new poem titled, stay the f at home. He made them etch the initials bmf onto the handle, a reference to the bad motherfker wallet jackson carried in the movie pulp fiction. But it turns out, jackson is not only interesting, but also witty. Jackson has defended the marvel cinematic universe following martin scorseses recent criticism of comic book movies.

Jackson held nothing back when speaking about republican leadership today. Jackson read stay the fck home on jimmy kimmels tuesday show to remind us all to stay isolated during the pandemic. Jackson is sharing a very timely story with the world, and its all. Hes been working consistently since the early 90s, and hes not slowing down. Jackson takes the wired autocomplete interview and answers the internets most searched questions about himself. While appearing on jimmy kimmels show via videochat, samuel l. Jackson pulp fiction rocks this mock bedtime story, capturing a hilarious range of emotions as the voice of a father struggling to get his child to sleep go the fk to sleep is a bedtime book for parents who live in the real world, where a few snoozing kitties and cutesy rhymes dont always send a toddler sailing blissfully off to dreamland. The 71yearold actor read a poem by go the fk to sleep. His films are as varied as star wars episodes iiii, jurassic park, jungle fever, jackie brown, pulp fiction and the long kiss goodnight. The actor appeared on host jimmy kimmels latenight show, with both celebs speaking over a video call from the. Jackson reads stay the fck at home, the bedtime story we all need right now april 11, 2020 by kate schweitzer. Sam talks about canceling his trip to italy with magic. The mcu star streamed in from the comfort of his screening room at home.

The two men appeared on kelly s eponymous talk show lorraine. As the covid19 pandemic continues, weve seen more than a few videos from celebrities urging us to stay at home in order to help slow down the spread of the virus, but i think samuel l. Jackson reads new quarantine book stay the fck at home. Celebrity psas are a familiar sort of territory, but there is no psa quite like the one samuel l. Jackson reads from book called stay the fk at home to. Jackson has been one of the most beloved and iconic actors working in hollywood. Jackson advocated for social distancing during a video chat interview on the march 31 installment of jimmy kimmel live. I was a drug addict but i showed up on time and hit my marks the onetime black panther is getting political in the legend of tarzan. After a brief interview, he read from a sequel to the childrens book. Sam jackson is exactly what you expect him to be, charming with a lot of swagger. Jackson and james mcavoy leaves viewers cringing as the stars deliver very blunt responses to her questions the awkward interview. Samuel l jackson quotes samuel l jackson on cocaine.

Jackson reimagines go the f to sleep for coronavirus quarantine. I was angry about the assassination, but i wasnt shocked. Stay the fk at home on tuesdays jimmy kimmel live, jackson debuted a new version of the popular childrens book go the f. He just wanted to be a part of the franchise and didnt care what part he played. Jackson to read an excerpt from a childrens book in her segment, celebrity bedtime stories, and he even managed to keep one of his famous phrases in the story. Wired autocomplete interviews is ice cube a nice guy. While jimmy is in quarantine, he checks in with the great samuel l. Jackson reads the delightfully foulmouthed book stay the fk at home. I was a drug addict but i showed up on time and hit my marks. While virtually appearing on the home version of jimmy kimmel live, the great samuel l. Jackson, which saw the latter give a string of blunt replies to her questions. Jackson has won critical acclaim and numerous accolades and awards, and is the highestgrossing actor of all time when cameo appearances are excluded. Jackson debuted a new version of the popular childrens book go the f. Jackson worked with adam mansbach, the author of the pragmatic childrens book go the fk to sleep, to adapt the story to address more current events.

Jackson was selling, he would talk about his upcoming film, snakes on a plane. Whipping out what he claimed was a copy of author adam mansbachs latest, cussword punctuated childrens books for adults, jackson gave a premiere of the. Viewers have been left cringing after a very awkward lorraine interview with james mcavoy and samuel l. Samuel l jackson drops in to talk his first role in jungle fever and how it led him to kick his drug habit.

Jackson is basically the most successful star wars fanboy ever. Almost a decade ago, sam jackson teamed up with childrens author adam mansbach, narrating his classic book go the fk to sleep for an audiobook as well as for youtube. After a brief interview, he read from a sequel to the childrens book go the fuck to sleepone designed for the coronavirus age. Jackson celebrity profile check out the latest samuel l. Jackson shared an important message that several others have shared, but in a far blunter manner. I am not that interesting, sam jackson tells steve kroft as their 60 minutes interview gets rolling.

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