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Unique bmw z4 gt3 twoseat taxi built by professional team from original race chassis, ready to run. Csr2 all cars with best tuning chart may 2020 updated. While not as fast as the m3 gt2, due to the regulations imposed by fia, the z4. The front axle of the bmw z4 gt3 is a completely new design, based on a series concept.

In the year since bmw motorsport launched the 2010 z4 gt3, the race car has achieved great success in the gt3 class series, including a groundbreaking win at the dubai 24 hours earlier this year. Bmw m6 coupe and chevrolet corvette stingray have no cash price and can only be purchased for 60 and 65 gold respectively. This car competed in the gta class of the pirelli world challenge for the 2015 season with the swisher racing livery. Bmw z4 gt3 information, pricing, and other details for raceroom racing experiences tracks, cars, and game modes. Oct 20, 20 csr racing has tens of the best car the racing world has to offer. The marc vds racing team offer for sale this oneoff bmw z4 gt3. To help us keep csr2 a fair and fun game a new banning. Csr racing is a fun game available on apple devices, chromebooks, some android devices, and some windows computers and phones. Unlike all other z4 cars which are powered by sixcylinder engines, the z4 gt3 is powered by a 4. This tune is specifically for mount panorama motor racing circuit, but can be used at other courses as well. The bmw z4 gt3 also provides assist systems like racing abs and traction control that have been adopted from the other vehicles in our customer sports range and refined and modified for use in gt3. Mar 22, 2010 bmw has released new details about the z4 gt3. Audi r8 lms ultra, autocar, gameplay 1080p drag racing abo. The gt3 category was initially created in 2005 by the sro.

Dec 26, 2015 the gt3 race version of the bmw z4 and its gtlm racing cousin cede their position as the bmw factory favoured gt racing weapons from 2016 as the new bmw m6 gt3 and gtlm come on line. Here at gt, we have made the research for you and have come up with our own list of top cars in csr racing for each tier. The schubert z4 gt3 will make it s debut at silverstone on may 2rd. The bmw m6 gt3 is a bigwinged beast of a race car top gear. Bmw z4 gt3 coming in 2010 with m3 powerplant autoblog.

Of course the biggest race of the year for this team and these cars will be the 24 hour of nurburgring just a month later. Roma kozlovski i just made the perfect time i had a bmw z4 gt3 703 pp with all teams i quickly went to 4 the gear than i hit nos than you have to make the best ultra good shifts better than perfect shifts sometimes you achive this 1 time in every 30 races i got 7. Its free to download and play, but there are some ingame real money purchases. Bmw z4 gt3, m3 dtm track test motor trend motortrend. Schubert motorsport bmw z4 gt3 onboard 2 laps vln 4. Apr 04, 2017 before the m6 gt3, you may remember bmw campaigned the z4 gt3 in various sportscar series across the globe. Csr racing bentley continental gt3 shift pattern 7. Are you ready to go racing with the bentley continental gt. As a result, the car offers a very good costperformance ratio and. Australian porsche gt3 cup team laser racing with steve richards as driver for the urd egt darche. Bmw z4 e89 gt3 carbon fiber front fenders bmw z4 e89 gt3 carbon fiber side skirts bmw z4 e89 gt3 carbon fiber rear panels bmw z4 e89 gt3 carbon fiber engine hood bmw z4 e89 gt3 carbon fiber doors bmw z4 e89 gt3 carbon fiber rear trunk lid bmw z4 e89 gt3 carbon fiber roof bmw z4 e89 gt3 carbon fiber rear wing made in germany optional performance. Its the only twoseat race prepared z4 gt3 in the world, and is built to top professional standards. The only one in the world built for road and track. Mar 04, 2015 csr racing bmw z4 gt3 shift pattern duration.

Next year, the bmw motorsport racing program will switch over to the new bmw m6 gt3 race car. As a result, you can install a beautiful and colorful wallpaper in high quality. Bmw z4 gt3 to represent bmw motorsport at thr 24 hours. The new 2015 pirelli suits the competition better than this nimble car and will make it a real challenge to take to the win. The bmw z4 gt3 is the pinnacle of bmw motorsports customer racing product range. Gt3 body from bmw motorsport carbon fiber steel grey metallic. The bmw z4 e89 is the second generation of the bmw z4 range of twodoor roadsters, and was produced from 2009 to 2016. The german team schubert motorsport runs this year in the vln 2010 season and the bmw z4 gt3 is their masterpiece.

The outgoing z4 gt3 has been competing in europe since 2011 and in the u. Although it is based on the popular bmw z4 roadster, the z4 gt3 is equipped with a 4. Designed for private racing teams, the gt3 features aggressive styling, advanced engineering, and a 1,200 kilogram 2,645 pound curb weight. I have never driven this car before, but it makes a great 630pp race car. The teams number 46 bmw z4 gt3 race car driven by nick catsburg, lucas luhr and markus palttala was the first to cross the finish line, and over the space of 24 hours managed to lap the. New 577bhp slicksnwings customer racer replaces the ageing z4. Junkyard disaster before and after cleaning duration. In 2012, it will take start in several international championships and measure itself against. The schubert motorsport team took delivery of one of the first z4 gt3s from bmw and has hit the track in germany this week to shake down the car. Turner motorsport bmw z4 gt3 for sale bmw car club of america.

Get road test impressions on the bmw z4 gt3 and bmw m3 dtm in the way only racing champ randy pobst can and only from motor trend. Download wallpapers bmw z4 gt3, dtm, racing cars, motion. The bmw z4 gt3 in its racing version is available from the second quarter of 2010 at an estimated price of 298,000 euro plus vat. Try increasing the tc setting, if the car feels unstable. Check out all bmw z4 gt3 for sale at the best prices, with the cheapest used car starting from.

Hankook projects photos, videos, logos, illustrations and branding. In 20 this compact and agile bmw claimed its first nurburgring 24 hours podium. Mar 24, 2015 this is a sound mod for the bmw z4 gt3 installation. Sep 16, 2015 the bmw m6 gt3 is a bigwinged beast of a race car. This graphically appealing smartphone and tablet game is one of the most popular in its genre, thanks to over 200 officially licensed vehicles including eight from bmw m detailed tuning options and online. It is also more specifically for the 630pp range for the current gt3 seasonal event there. It achieved a reasonable degree of success too, which will have been hard earned given. As with all cars in the bmw customer racing range, the emphasis was also put on costefficiency when developing the bmw z4 gt3. The weight of the z4 gt3 is approximately 1,190 kg 2,624 lb. The bmw z4 gt3 is one of the lightest sports cars in adac gt masters. All top speed runs are conducted on 12 mile regulation races.

Csr racing defeating tier 5 crew leader errol and winning his car audi r8 lms ultra. The z4 was the prestige car for the aston martin vanquish zagato coupe season. We offer you to download wallpapers bmw z4 gt3, dtm, racing cars, motion blur, raceway, e89 from a set of categories cars necessary for the resolution of the monitor you for free and without registration. Marc vds puts their bmw z4 gt3 race taxi up for sale.

Those who like drag racing will absolutely love csr racing 2. The z4 gt3 achieved several victories in the fia gt3 championship and blancpain endurance series. The bmw z4 gt3 replaces the bmw m3 which served as the platform for bmw motorsports considerable success in imsa competition and the fia gt european championship. View mobile site jokeypsych endgamehonest galaxyquest. Bmw z4 e89 gt3 carbon fiber racing kit tuning empire. It balances power, weight, and handling perfectly to give you some pretty quick lap times. In its 2010 debut season, the z4 gt3 won the dubai 24 hour gt3 endurance event and finished second at the 2011 24 hours of spafrancorchamps event by the need for speed team schubert. It wont see the end of the z4 in frontline competition just yet but the passing of the baton to the m6 gives us an opportunity to take a look back at the. The bmw z4 gt3 is the race car version of the z4 and was built on bmw s e89 platform. Sep 21, 2015 csr racing bmw z4 gt3 best shift pattern 7. Bmw z4 gt3 v built exclusively for gumball 3000 of westcoast racing by james nixon, ronny hyrskylahti, christoffer petersson och niklas tufvesson. In addition, the bmw z4 gt3 also offers driver assistance systems such as racing abs and traction control, which have been adopted from other cars in the customer racing range, and then further developed and modified for use in the gt3 car. The gt3 category was initially created in 2005 by the sro group as a third rung in the ladder of grand touring.

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