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The player can choose to play as penny, inspector gadgets niece, or her dog brain, and will frequently switch characters during the game. The scientist lets penny use equipment to make a computer book, a wristwatch communicator, and a dog collar communicator for brain. Pennys computer book by thekravinator on deviantart. Every scifi movie, tv show and book is in some way trying to predict the future. Inspector gadget was always silly so i cant be mad at the silliness in the new show. She made it as a way to hide the homemade computer she started at the end of always. In the animated series, she was voiced by cree summer in season 1, who also voiced susie carmichael from rugrats and all grown up. Inspector gadget is a science fiction comedy animated series cocreated by bruno bianchi, andy heyward, and dics founder jean chalopin, and was originally syndicated by dic audiovisuel and lexington broadcast services company. Claws main foil isnt really inspector gadget, but the brilliant and resourceful penny. Pennys computer book reference computer books, fall time fun. Old man of the mountain is the fortysixth episode of dics inspector gadget. Brain is kidnapped early on in the game, but penny manages to help brain escape. Quimby obviously recruited penny, gave her the highly trained spy dog brain and her high tech computer book and smartwatch, and made gadget into an unwitting decoy. Plus, gadget was pretty much locked into that outfit for the rest of his life.

Penny likes to secretly help inspector gadget out with his missions, despite him always getting the credit afterwards. The show debuted on january 3, 2015 on boomerang in france and officially premiered on teletoon in canada on september 7, 2015. A technologically advanced and functional computer in guise of a hardcover textbook and possible 1980s ancestor of the ipad, of which i use to make my deviations, penny uses her computer book to stop dr. The jokes arent horrible most of the time and gadget himself is his normal useless brand of crazy. Claws evil schemes and save her uncle gadget whenever he is in certain danger. The show was announced on june 11, 20, with 26 episodes. As seen in this photo penny is using her computer book, she uses this gadget to hack things or find useful information. Penny and the gadgetinis chapter 1 a new mission, an. Penny consists of 1 pieces including computer book and watch. She wears a special wristwatch that lets her contact her dog brain, or chief quimby. Sure, inspector gadget was terrible at his jobbut fortunately for him, he had a clever niece with a kickass computer book to back him up.

But its still over forty pages of classic style gadget action. Pennys computer book reference sure, inspector gadget was terrible at his jobbut fortunately for him, he had a clever niece with a kickass computer book to back him up and, typically, save the day. Gadgets neice penny had a device that looked like a very large book with an attached headset, but the pages were actually displays and controls for a variety of electronic monitoring and control systems that she used for spying, communication, control, and jamming. She is never without her computer book, a hightech. Inspector gadget brickheadz, inspector gadget and penny. See more ideas about inspector gadget, 80 cartoons and gadgets. Gadget picks up an assignment hes barely qualified for, penny and brain turn up. While these days penny could always pop out her smartphone to check in with brain, she could also have pick up the android 2.

Inspector gadgetdic audiovisuel cuckoos nest studios lbs. Penny is gadgets intelligent niece and the one who really stops dr. Pennys computer book reference sure, inspector gadget w. Soundtrack from the original inspector gadget cartoon series, featuring one of pennys themes. She mostly uses it to find out information about villains, wildlife, materials, hieroglyphics, and other things. As a kid, id pretend i had such a computer bookit could help me answer any question, solve any problem. Penny will be locked away somewhere, and the player must find some of her uncles gadgets and clues to where she is kept captive. Penny in the original cartoon penny with gadget penny with brain the whole gang penny at school penny blushing penny using her computer book penny using a digital camera that can be inserted into her computer book penny using her computer book in an ice factory penny using her wristwatch to retrieve a set of keys to free herself from a pair of handcuffs penny kidnapped by m. Second, not only does penny not have her super cool computer book and only sports a laptop now, but she really doesnt do as much here, plus she doesnt even look a whole lot like the penny we remember.

In this photo penny is shooting her laser beam at a secret door pennys computer book. Penny perils from inspector gadget race to the finish click to view video on youtube megaupload 1 of 1 10. She secretly stopped all of claws plans, and she got the coolest toys. Gadget and the gadgetinis tv series 20012009 gadget. In the original cartoon, penny has a computer that is disguised as a book, and usually takes it wherever she goes. Old man of the mountain inspector gadget wikia fandom. The only thing i didnt like was pennys computer book being replaced by some kind of ipod looking thing. An upsetting majority of inspector gadgets episodes stick to pretty much the same formula.

So it is written is the sixtysecond episode of dics inspector gadget. She and her uncle may be related to gadget boy though this is unclear. But as we are fond of pointing out, its often the most ridiculous ones that turn out to be eerily accurate take inspector gadget, for instance. Penny sighed, uncle gadget is in trouble and digit is too. Penny is inspector gadgets niece and the deuteragonist of the franchise. We must tell someone at womp, but that could reveal our position. She is never without her computer book, a hightech computing device disguised as a hardcover. She uses many high tech devices to help her secretly solve the cases and stop the bad guys such as a computer book, a video watch, a. Because somebody my age, armed with a computer a protolaptop disguised as a book and an amazing wristwatch able to fire lasers and tracers and whatever else the plot needed was stopping a massive global criminal enterprise on a weekly basis while the adults around. Now that i have its realworld equivalent 25 years later, ive made some nostalgiainspired wallpaper and named my. Pennys computer book from inspector gadget electronics. Even if you do not have a mac computer you still can, for free, download and.

I have also included pennys computer book and watch. After all, people would question a girl carrying a book less than they would a computer that makes the modern ipad look like a cerealbox. The duo would solve the case behind the scenes using pennys hightech computer book a laptop before such a thing was invented which could receive data seventeen years before wifi became a consumer technology while gadgets gadgets would send him careering about the landscape like remington steele on rollerskates. Inspector gadget consists of 94 pieces excluding gadgets. Sure, inspector gadget was terrible at his job but fortunately for him, he had a clever niece with a kickass computer book to back him up and, typically, save the day. Penny ruth surname unknown, ruth is her middle nameevil u. Doctor claw uses fezzugs prophecy in believing gadget will be the one to find their ancient treasure to his advantage. The book is somewhat smaller than your standard comic size, which does make the lettering kind of tiny. About 1 week ago i just bought all of the inspector gadget episodes from itunes. Inspector gadget tv series 2015 inspector gadget tv. Pennys computer book also contains a digital map possibly showing most of the world, a jamming system, a hacking system, a remote control system, a laser, and a slot. Pennys technology upgrade is great, i wondered how they would work with her old book and this is a nice change. Inspector gadget 120 basic training full episode youtube. Pennys computer book from inspector gadget is now a real thing that exists.

Inspector gadget penny computer book and watch with images. She is a terrifying genius who with her computerbook can pretty much commandeer any form of. Pennys computer book from inspector gadget is now a real thing. Inspector gadget penny gadget sneakattack1221 r34 pictured bondage bondage rope bondage bondage device hard bondage shibari porn. In fact, they can turn around 360 degrees and more. Penny secretly helps her uncle gadget with his missions, but she lets him get all the credit in the end.

It is the first cartoon show to be syndicated by dic, who. The intelligent, an really cute, niece of inspector gadget. The series stars the voice of don adams as the titular character, and first premiered on september 12, 1983. My hero was penny gadget from the syndicated series inspector gadget.

Along with her stellar brain, pigtails, and computer book, penny also had a very special wristwatch in her arsenal, which allowed her to communicate effectively with brain the dog. The proof is that quimby usually brings gadget his orders while hes spending time with penny and then watches gadget read them out loud directly in front of her. She uses many high tech devices to help her secretly solve the cases and stop the bad guys such as a computer book, a video watch, a laptop, and a holographic tablet. I made this costume for my teenage daughter for her last night of trickortreats she feels she is too old this year. Sure, inspector gadget was terrible at his jobbut fortunately for him, he had a clever niece with a kickass computer. Despite originally airing in the early 80s and having a shamelessly implausible cartoon premise, the cartoon managed to correctly predict more trends in the modern. Doctor claw wants the goat of two warring tribes in the balkan mountains, as its milk will grant him eternal youth. Chief quimby, penny and inspector gadget rescue the secret computer parts form the clutches of m. Inspector gadget is a canadian cgi animated television series produced by dhx media that serves as a sequel to the original series of same name, which aired from 1983 to 1986.

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